We compete locally, regionally, and nationally on the adjunication dance circuit. Tryouts are typically held each April/May for the following dance season.

Why be on a competitive dance team?

It is a great opportunity to improve oneself, gain confidence, meet other talented dancers from all over the country, and make great friends for life along the way!

Competitive Teams '22 - '23 season

Mini Team

Youth Team

Junior Team

Senior Team

Production Team


Here is what we did this last season:


 Regional Workshops 

We decided not to attend workshops this year.

In years past we went to:

Monsters of Hip Hop in Denver or

Radix in Minneapolis


Regional Competitions 

Groove in Omaha

[Youth, Jr & Sr]

Celebrity in Minneapolis

[Youth, Jr & Sr]

Baby I'm A Star in Mitchell

[Mini & Youth only]

Triple S in Sioux Falls

[All teams]

Starz in Sioux Falls

[All teams]

Meraki in Sioux Falls

[All teams]

Rumble In The Jungle in Brookings

[Mini only]

Masquerade in Kansas City

[Youth, Jr & Sr]

Fly By Dance in Davenport

[Jr & Sr only]

Revolution in Bloomington

[Jr & Sr only]



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