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Midwest Dance Center is about dance experiences and personal expression. Find your spark šŸ”„ and ignite the world!

Our faculty is on the cutting edge of creativity. We also know that the world of dance is much larger than our studio. We love bringing in top-name choreographers and attending regional workshops in Denver and Chicago.

Our competitive dance teams are amazing! Don't believe us? Ask the judges. If you like to travel, work hard, and leave it on the dance floor then stop thinking about it and try out for one of our competitive dance teams, ages 5-18. Tryouts are typically each April or May.

If sitting in a car or bus or plane to travel some where to compete on a stage is not your thing then dance anyway. We have awe-inspiring recitals in December and May that would be perfect for you to showcase your skills and love of dance!



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By Appointment
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