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About Us

Midwest Dance Center (MDC)

We consider our studio a home that has lots of character and a subtle, crazy vibe.

We like Pop Rocks candy, hot chocolate with marshmallows, walking barefoot in the grass, jumping in water puddles, and sometimes our studio walls will shake with the music. But we really love growing with our dancers in their life's journey to discovering their dance spark. We live for that twinkle of the soul.

Just like to dance?

Go for it! Don’t tell anyone but we love to dance even when we think no one is watching. If you are 3 to 18 and have little to no dance experience or love watching YouTube or TikTok then check out our recreational dance program. Just bring your enthusiasm!

Constantly dream of dance?

Whoa, so do we! Even our sheep will do a grand jeté from time to time. Believe me that is a sight worth seeing! Take some classes with us and then try out for one of our competitive dance teams for ages 5 to 18. Tryouts are typically held each April and May. 

Do you like Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theater, or Tap?

Then choose your passion, come to the MDC605 studio, and dance with us!

Dance is cool; but what about tumbling?

Oh, so you like to jump and roll around. Perfect. We offer beginning tumbling classes for ages 3 to 7. After that we switch to an Acro (acrobatics) dance-inspired curriculum for ages 8 to 18.

Do you just dance and tumble?

No way! We also offer Ellové Technique classes. We love this mind, body, and soulful journey to fitness, strength, and flexibility and think you will too! Come take a class with our certified instructor, Katelyn, and check it out for yourself.

Just get over here and spend some time with us! You will not regret it.

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