We offer two dance options at MDC605 through our Recreational and Competitive programs. Dancers can participate in either program or both depending on their interests.

Recreational program: is for dancers 3-18 years old. We offer combination classes for younger dancers in Tap/Ballet and then Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz, Musical Theater, and Hip Hop classes for the other age groups.

Our Lyrical dance form is based on modern ballet, but we do not offer Pointe classes at this time.

Competitive program: is for dancers 5-18 years old who will be on either the Mini, Youth, Junior, or Senior dance teams. We compete at the local, regional, and national level for Tap, Lyrical, Jazz, and Hip Hop.

We only participate in the adjunication dance circuit and feel this is the best way to see other talented dancers from other dance studios and help our dancers grow into their dance form.

Foundational classes of Acro, strength, Barre, Technique (leaps, jumps, and turns) and The Ellové Technique are requirements of our competitive dancers but also available for anyone else in our Recreational program.



We believe tumbling is a perfect foundation for your younger child (3-4 year old) as they grow into their bodies. We work on basic skills that will help your child become stronger, more flexible, more aware of their body position, and help them become more confident.

These are the same skills beginning tumblers will learn in a gymnastic program.

We switch to a more acrobatics (Acro) program when they turn 5 and older. Acrobatics serves as a better skill development program especially for dance but also for other activities your child may be interested in.

The skill development after this age is the same as many gymnastic programs. The main difference is in the source of power for the more advanced moves like aerials, front and back flips, etc. In our program, they will not have a spring floor so must learn to find power for their moves while on a dance floor.


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