We compete locally, regionally, and nationally on the adjunication dance circuit.

Being on a competitive dance team is a great opportunity to improve yourself, gain confidence, meet other talented dancers from all over the country, and make great friends for life along the way!

Youth Lyrical Competitive Team '22

This is what we did this past competitive season as an example:

 Regional Workshops 

(Junior and Senior Level dancers)

Monsters of Hip Hop (Denver)

Radix (Kansas City)



Radix (Kansas City)

Groove (Omaha)

Rainbow (Omaha)

Triple S (Sioux Falls)

Merakie (Sioux Falls)

Masquerage (Fargo)

Gems (Sioux Falls)

Hall of Fame (St. Paul)

Starz (Fargo)

Hall of Fame Nationals (Orlando)


Dance in front of a