What is the Ellové Technique?

The founders, Lisa Buchmiller and Erin Zintek, both lifelong dancers set out to create a conditioning class that would help other dancers feel balanced and strong so that they could continue to do what they love the most.

The end result was an ideal conditioning class for all bodies!

Ellové isn't just about the physical body. It was designed to help you feel better in every way and to connect with the body you are in right now, today. Everyone is unique and beautiful.

Ellové is more than just a class- it is an experience. Each class addresses the full body and the spirit, through intentional movement and honoring the body's individual needs in each moment.

Injury reduction is the key component of the therapeutic approach to movement in Ellové and is endorsed by contributing dance physical therapist Amy Werner and Doctors for Dancers.

The entire class is choreographed to music and maximizes the focus on execution of the exercises; rather than on props. Not only is the format of the class unique to Ellové, but the seamless transitions and artistry in the delivery make it perfect for the dance studio environment and everyday life.

Katelyn Trei is our certified Ellové instructor at MDC.